Accounts & Locations Screens


Load Facilities are physical establishments where loads are effected. Load Locations have a number of important physical characteristics that you’ll need to specify so that we can serve you better:

  • Physical Address of your Load Location
  • The type(s) of material available at this location:
    • Used Cooking Oil, Yellow Grease, Beef Tallow, Chicken Fat, Vegetable Oil or Other
  • The Storage Capacity (in pounds) of the facility
  • Whether the Facility is equipped with a:
    • Pump
    • Scale

NOTE: Because most of our supplier’s load locations are also their company address, your company address is automatically entered as a Load Location.

First you’ll need to specify the address and the contact manager (if other than yourself) for the load facility location.


Your Load Locations Screen contains detailed information on your separate Load Locations. Here you’ll be able to create, edit and build reports on all the load locations in your company file.

The information is divided into 2 tabs:

  • The Location’s Physical Address Details
  • The Location Manager’s Contact Details