Accounts & Locations Screens

LOAD LOCATIONS Load Facilities are physical establishments where loads are effected. Load Locations have a number of important physical characteristics that you’ll need to specify so that we can serve you better: Physical Address of your Load Location The type(s) of material available at this location: Used Cooking Oil, Yellow Grease, Beef Tallow, Chicken Fat, […]

Loads – Summary & Detailed Views

LOADS A Load is a supplier-initiated request for a pickup at one of the supplier locations. A complete Load Request record contains a number of data points that we’ll need in order to schedule the load for you: Customer Load ID. (This can be any series of characters you use internally to identify the load.) […]

Your Portal Account – The Welcome Screen

HOME PAGE STRUCTURE You’ll notice a couple of things. First your Home Page is divided into three┬ásections: Top Menu Bar Access Top Level Functions Quick Action Links Here you’ll be able to schedule loads and add load locations for pick-up through a simple pop-up. The Supplier Portal Menu Access all your history, customer information and […]