Scheduling a Load

Your ISO Tank is filled, your container is loaded… and you’re ready to request your pick-up. Simply follow the instructions below to schedule a pick-up. 

You can schedule a load in a number of ways. Via your:

  • Quick Action item links


  • the “+Schedule a Load Button”
  • the “Schedule a Load” link in your Actions Menu


Quick Action Method

  1. You can access the quick action from your Quick Create Menu:


     2. A pop-up window will appear, allowing you to enter the minimum information will need in order to schedule your request for a load pick-up:

  • The Load Location
  • The Load Availability Window (Start and End dates)
  • The Weight of your load
  • The FSA and MIU


You’ll have an opportunity to fill in further information later, e.g.:

  • Empty and full-scale weights
  • Seal numbers
  • Container numbers

See Full Record Method to learn more.

Full Record Method

  1. Sign-in to your customer portal account.
  2. Select “Loads” from the Top Menu.
  3. A List of Historical Loads will be presented. Hit the “+Schedule a Load” button at the top of the page. (Next to the “Actions” button)Benarix_ScheduleLoad1
  4. OR, Simply click the “SCHEDULE A LOAD” icon in your “Action” menu on your welcome screen:Benarix_HomeMenu_ActionLoad
  5. You will be redirected to the “Creating a New Load” page.Benarix_ScheduleLoad2
  6. Choose your Account from the “Supplier Name” drop-down menu.
  7. Enter the YUL Load Number if you know; leave it blank otherwise.
  8. Select the Load Pick-up Location from your list of Load Locations. You may add a new location if you need to.
  9. Select ISO Tank, Container or Bulk Truck for Type of Load.
  10. Select the type of material loaded from “Supply Source”.
  11. Select the window during which the Load will be available for pick-up.
  12. Enter the estimated load weight. (Precise weights will be entered at the weigh station).
  13. Under Custom Information, enter any further information you may have at this time:
    •  the Container Number
    •  at least two Seal Numbers for the container.
    •  the empty scale weight
    •  the full-scale weight.
  14. When Done, hit “Save”.
  15. Your Load is now scheduled and you will receive e-mail confirmations and future notifications on the status of your load request.